S/S 15-16 Collection –  Coracle children


Coracle children is a luxury womenswear collection, rooted by my welsh heritage. The collection aims to create comfortable clothing that is innovative and playful. Looking into the occupation of traditional welsh fishermen, who often carried coracle boats on their backs, has been a main inspiration for silhouette development. The fishermen were strapped to the boats with a single band, which tightened any volume from their clothing.

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Denim Jumpsuit


Scrunchy Dress


Denim Scrunchy Dress


Oversized Scrunchy T-shirt + Shorts


Oversized Coat, Jumper + Trousers

cjt pic

Photoshoot Credits

Fashion designer/Stylist – Ella Lewis

Photographer – George Lowe

Model – Jacintha Philip

Hair + Make up Artist- Sarah Parsons